Understudy Policy

MOS Understudy Policy

*As of June 2022 –  Subject to change without notice.


This understudy policy is in place to protect the members of our community. We do not want to overwork our actors, nor do we want to minimize the hard work it takes to be an understudy. Any understudy cast should be qualified for the role. 

The understudy policy of MOS is as follows: 

Understudies and swings will be used for every Maui OnStage show in case the actor they are covering cannot go on due to injury, illness (including COVID or other virus/pathogen). 

Understudies are not required for ensemble members unless the absence of a single ensemble member would cause need for re-blocking, re-choreographing or reworking of voice parts for the show. 

Understudies will only go on if the actor they are covering cannot. There will be no guaranteed performances. This will be clearly communicated in the role offered to both the actor who is the understudy and the actor they will be understudying. If there is a dispute concerning the terms agreed upon in the role offered, all parties are required to meet with the director and Executive Director. If refusal persists, the Executive Director reserves the right to remove that individual from the production.

If an understudy or swing does go on, there will be an announcement made prior to the start of the show. 

It is strongly recommended that understudies are cast from within, meaning an ensemble member may understudy a larger role in a musical or a smaller role may understudy a larger role in a play. The casting of understudies who are not being offered another role in the production must be approved by the Executive Director. 

Members of the production team may not serve as understudies unless they have the approval of the Executive Director. 

Production teams must make clear at auditions that they are considering understudies, for which roles and what understudy rehearsal expectations are. 

If the understudy does need to go on, the stage manager will call the understudy and notify them as soon as possible. 

There will be “Put In Rehearsals” with the understudy cast on the Tuesday and Wednesday after opening weekend. 



SWING: A member of the ensemble who covers multiple roles in the ensemble and/or supporting characters. 

UNDERSTUDY: An actor who plays a supporting character who covers multiple supporting and/or principal roles.