*Updated Health and Safety Protocols

*Effective 3-1-22, Maui County’s Public Health Emergency Rules have been repealed.  (See County notice HERE)


*Effective 3-26-22, the State of Hawaii’s indoor mask requirement ends.  (See State notice HERE)



  1. What does this mean for Maui OnStage?  This means we will no longer be asking for photo ID’s, proof of vaccination or negative COVID test results and our audience capacity can now go back up to 100%.
  2. Do I still have to wear a mask in the theater?  The indoor mask mandate ends at 11:59pm on 3-25-22.  Beginning 3-26-22, masks will no longer be required to be worn indoors. However, Maui OnStage highly recommends and supports the wearing of face masks while inside the theater.
  3. What can I expect as an audience member?  Currently, depending on the event you will either need to check-in with your last name at the table in the lobby before the event or show your e-ticket (printed or digital) to the usher at the door.  You will be directed to either the House Right or House Left entrance where ushers will assist you with seating.  After the show, ushers will be opening up 2-4 exit doors to allow for easy and expedient audience dispersal.
  4. What if I’m not comfortable sitting right next to people just yet?  Maui OnStage is taking into account the current comfort level of our community as we move forward.  After nearly 2 years of 6 foot social distancing, people need to become accustomed to sitting next to strangers (eventually mask-less) all over again and we are sensitive to that fact.  We will be slowly ramping up our audience capacity over the next few months to give everyone the chance to become comfortable with returning to full houses once again.  Once we do return to full houses this June, it is our plan to offer “Social Distance Sundays” for those audience members who prefer a little more space around them.  This will be for Maui OnStage productions only.
  5.  What about all the “COVID-cleaning”? Does that suddenly stop?  No way!  Maintaining the cleaning protocols Maui OnStage implemented at the start of the pandemic is how we show our aloha and malama our audience members, performers, crew and staff.


*These protocols have been set in place to comply with current County, State and Federal guidelines with the express intention to provide a safe workplace and performance venue for our staff, performers, volunteers and patrons.  Subject to change.  

*By entering the Maui OnStage/Historic Iao Theater/Maui OnStage’s Education and Youth Program Studio facility all individuals including staff, performers, contractors, volunteers and patrons voluntarily assume all risks related to possible exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses/illnesses.

To continue to do OUR part in keeping our theater ohana safe, Maui OnStage is continuing to follow our Health and Safety Protocols below:

  1. AIR CONDITIONING:  The Historic Iao Theater’s central air conditioning system is serviced quarterly by Sturdevant Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.  The system is set for downward directional airflow to reduce aerosolized particle spread.  They have also adjusted our system to allow for maximum fresh air exchange and to keep the temperature and RH (relative humidity) at ASHRAE recommended levels.
  2. BOX OFFICE:  Ticket sales are via online or phone.  No printed tickets required.  Audience check-in starts at least 90 mins before curtain in our outside lobby and is via Guest List.
  3. CLEANING:  All restrooms and dressing rooms will be cleaned and sanitized with an EPA List-N disinfectant (Clorox bleach or Vital Oxide) before the event.  All high-contact areas including handrails and theater seats are electrostatically sprayed with Vital Oxide using a Victory Innovations electrostatic backpack sprayer(*This is the same piece of equipment and chemical used to disinfect ambulances, airplanes and hospitals.)  Our marley stage floor is disinfected prior to each event with either 70% alcohol or StageStep ProClean D Plus.  Microphones and other equipment used by participants will be sanitized with 70%+ alcohol wipes before and after the event.  Items should NOT be shared between participants.  All trash removed after event.
  4. CONCESSIONS:  All Concession sales have been suspended until County indoor mask mandates are lifted.  No food or beverages are allowed in the theater.  Performers are allowed to have water or other non-alcoholic beverages in personal containers.
  5. CONTACT TRACING:  A list of participants names and contact information must be submitted by the event organizer for the event(s) for potential Contact Tracing should it become necessary.  A list of event participants or patrons’ names and contact information will be kept through our ticketing system for potential Contact Tracing should it become necessary and if requested by the Dept of Health.
  6. COVID WAIVER:  Depending on event, a signed Waiver may be required to be submitted prior to entry into the theater.
  7. HAND SANITIZER/SOAP:  Hand sanitizer stations are located in the outside lobby and throughout the theater.  Soap and paper towels are provided in all restrooms.
  8. MASK WEARING:  While it is no longer required by the state of Hawaii, Maui OnStage highly recommends and supports the wearing of face masks while inside the theater.
  9. MOVEMENT:  All ingress/egress by staff, volunteers and patrons and all on-stage/off-stage activity by performers has been submitted to and approved by the Maui County Mayor’s Office in advance to adhere to current Public Health Emergency Rules.
  10. RESTROOMS:  All restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized with an EPA List-N disinfectant (Clorox bleach or Vital Oxide) before the event.  Restroom visits are encouraged before the show.  Restrooms are monitored by Ushers to prevent lines.
  11. SEATING:  As of 3-1-22, Maui OnStage will be slowly ramping up to full houses over the next few months.
  12. SOCIAL DISTANCING:  We ask that all event participants please be mindful of others comfort level and give everyone their personal space.  Audience members are NOT allowed on stage or backstage.  NO performer meet & greets in the theater after the show.
  13. SYMPTOM CHECKS:  All event participants may be symptom and temperature checked before entering the building.  Depending on event, this may be done by theater personnel or event organizer.
  14. SYMPTOM FREE:  We ask all event participants to be aware of their own health and stay home if they are not feeling well. 
  15. TESTING*As of 3-1-22, Maui County’s Public Health Emergency Rules regarding vaccination, testing or medical documentation requirements – has been repealed.  
  16. TRAVELING:  Until March 25th, any event participants who have recently traveled must comply with the Hawaii state Safe Travels program.
  17. VACCINATION: *As of 3-1-22, Maui County’s Public Health Emergency Rules regarding vaccination, testing or medical documentation requirements – has been repealed.  


If you have ANY questions or require clarification on any of the above, please contact Maui OnStage Executive Director, Luana Whitford-Mitchell at [email protected] or 808-242-6969.