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Up Next: 2014 - 2015 Season 

Audition information for our next production:

Auditions will be held: Friday, February 20th

Call backs will be held: Saturday, February 21st

Performance Dates: April 24 – May 10, 2015
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

We strongly encourage you to make an audition appointment by calling 244 – 8680 ext 23

Maui OnStage will hold auditions for Neil Simon’s Tony Award winning play Brighton Beach Memoirs on Friday, February 20th starting at 6:00. This production will be directed by Maui OnStage Production Assistant Ricky Jones and will begin rehearsals early March.

Audition appointments can be made by calling 244-8680 ext 23. All roles are open and a list of characters are on the Maui OnStage website: www.mauionstage.com. All interested performers should Prepare two, 1 minute monologues, arrive 10 minutes early to fill out audition forms, bring a headshot and resume and be prepared to provide your potential conflicts in the rehearsal period

Call backs will be held on Saturday, February 21st
Performance Dates: April 24 – May 10, 2015. (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays)

All roles are open

NOTE: Ages listed are STAGE AGES. (actors need not to be that age, just be able to pass in that range)

EUGENE JEROME: (STAGE AGE 14-16) smart, funny, rambunctious kid growing up in New York with his extended family, believes his family is crazy and writes down his “memoirs” to document everything, He feels like he’s an outcast in his family and can’t wait to establish his identity, once he figures out what that is exactly.

KATE JEROME: (STAGE AGE 40-55) mother of Eugene and Stanley, wife of Jack, sister of Blanche / Kate is the glue that holds the Jerome family together. She takes a lot of pride in her family & home - runs a tight ship / Sometimes appears harsh but has a fierce love for her whole family and is very protective.

BLANCHE MORTON: (STAGE AGE 35-40) Kate’s sister and the mother of Nora and Laurie / is caring & loving, but unsure of herself and her ability to provide for her family since her husband’s death / she is struggling to develop her own independence and the ability to make the “right choices.”

JACK JEROME: (STAGE AGE 40-55) Kate’s husband /Eugene and Stanley’s father / hard worker and the “sane person” in the insane house / often plays “good cop” to Kate’s “bad cop” - He worries about how the world’s events will affect his family and will do anything to provide a better future for his family.

STANLEY JEROME: (STAGE AGE 17-25) Eugene’s older brother / intelligent, principled and charismatic - struggles with his recklessness, tendency to be impulsive, and somewhat poor judgment skills. He cares a lot about his family and acts as a “teacher” of sorts for Eugene when it concerns life, especially girls.

NORA MORTON: (STAGE AGE 15-20) beautiful, intelligent young woman - full of life and passion / dreams of being a Broadway dancer and of getting her family some independence. She misses her dead father terribly

LAURIE MORTON: (STAGE AGE 10-13) quite possibly the smartest child in the house / very in tune with what is going on in the family, even though she can’t always relate to them / often uses her “illness” to her advantage.


Set in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, New York in September 1937, this coming-of-age comedy focuses on Eugene Morris Jerome, a Polish-Jewish American teenager who experiences puberty, sexual awakening, and a search for identity as he tries to deal with his family, including his older brother Stanley, his parents Kate and Jack, Kate's sister Blanche, and her two daughters, Nora and Laurie, who come to live there after their father's death.


We strongly encourage you to make an audition appointment by calling 244 – 8680 ext 23
Performers who show up at auditions without an appointment will be seen on a stand-by basis. 

 Historic Iao Theater
68 North Market Street, Wailuku, HI 96793

If you have questions, please call the Maui OnStage administrative offices at the Historic Iao Theater. 244-8680  

Maui OnStage is encouraging performers with diverse cultural backgrounds
and all levels of experience to auditionfor the 2014 - 2015 season.

So whether you are a seasoned veteran or have never performed on stage before, Maui OnStage welcomes you.

Maui OnStage, Great Theater for a Great Community!


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