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Audition information for our next production:

Noises Off

Maui OnStage and Director, Lisa Teichner, announce open auditions for the most hilarious farce ever, Noises Off.

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, July 14th starting at 6:00 with callbacks being held during the day on Saturday, July 18th.

Please call 244-8680 ext 23 to set up an audition appointment. Performers should be prepared to read sides from the script – scene partners will be provided.

Those auditioning should also bring a headshot, resume and conflict calendar to the audition. No prior experience is necessary and all are welcome to audition.

This show has roles for 4 females and 5 males including:

Some actors play two characters: one onstage character and one off stage character:


  • Dotty Otley / Mrs. Clackett

(Off-Stage - Dotty) middle-aged American actress, forgetful, dating Garry, though she attempts to make him jealous by meeting with Freddy
(On-Stage - Mrs. Clackett) Cockney housekeeper for the Brent’s home in England, hospitable and a bit slow

  • Brooke Ashton / Vicki

(Off-Stage - Brooke) young, inexperienced American actress – pays no attention to other performers onstage or off stage. Not “all there” and constantly losing her contact lenses. One-third of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle
(On-Stage - Vicki) English woman who works for Inland Revenue and is trying to woo Roger

  • Belinda Blair / Flavia Brent

(Off-Stage - Belinda) cheerful and sensible, reliable American actress – may have feelings for Freddy
(On-Stage - Flavia) Phillip Brent’s English wife, dependable, but not one for household duties

  • Poppy Norton-Taylor

American Stage Manager – emotional and over-sensitive, envious of Brooke, whom she understudies… Carrying Lloyd’s child. One-third of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle


  • Lloyd Dallas

Director of the play, Nothing On. Temperamental, one-third of the Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle

  •  Garry Lejeune /Roger

(Off-Stage - Garry) American actor who never finished a sentence, easily fired up, dating Dotty and repeatedly tries to attack Freddy because he thinks Dotty is having an affair with Freddy
(On-Stage - Roger) English Real Estate agent who is attempting to rent Flavia’s and Phillip’s home, but uses it for his own personal benefit

  • Frederick Fellows / Phillip Brent / Sheikh

(Off-Stage - Freddy) American actor with a serious fear of violence and blood, often questions the meaning of his lines and blames himself when things go wrong
(On-Stage - Phillip) Englishman who lives out of the country with wife Flavia, to avoid paying taxes
(On-Stage - Sheikh) Middle-Eastern man interested in renting Flavia’s and Phillip’s home and is the spit and image of Phillip

  • Selsdon Mowbray / Burglar

(Off-Stage - Selsdon) Elderly alcoholic Englishman who hides his bottles onstage – hard of hearing when wants to be
(On-Stage - Burglar) Old Cockney man in his seventies, breaking into Brent’s home

  • Timothy Allgood

Overworked American Assistant Stage Manager who understudies Selsdon and Freddy

Performance Dates: September 25 - October 11, 2015
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

We strongly encourage you to make an audition appointment by calling 244 – 8680 ext 23

Performers who show up at auditions without an appointment will be seen on a stand-by basis. 

 Historic Iao Theater
68 North Market Street, Wailuku, HI 96793

If you have questions, please call the Maui OnStage administrative offices at the Historic Iao Theater. 244-8680  

Maui OnStage is encouraging performers with diverse cultural backgrounds
and all levels of experience to auditionfor the 2015 - 2016 season.

So whether you are a seasoned veteran or have never performed on stage before, Maui OnStage welcomes you.

Maui OnStage, Great Theater for a Great Community!

Maui On Stage
68 North Market Street
Wailuku, HI 96793
Box Office: (808) 242-6969
Main Office: (808) 244-8680
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